Xtreme Express World Grand Prix Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game

  • £3.99

Condition: Very Good throughout and fully tested.


Racing trains across ten varied landscapes, X-treme Express offers a unique and exciting experience. With masses of trains and courses to unlock, a challenging tournament mode and many varied tasks to master in the Trial mode, you will need all your skill to get to the platform first. Computer opponents or players’ trains will be out to derail you in this crazy race to the finish!

• Over 80 trains to unlock, each with their own abilities and some crazy styling!

• 10 courses to race over. Be sure to make use of the points to take the express route to the finish! 

• An exciting Trial mode to beat. Stop runaway trains, barge enemies off the track, or struggle to the finish with faulty instruments.

• Go solo in the one-player modes, or try out the two-player split-screen mode.

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