Cost: Postage is free on all UK orders. There is a postage calculator available to calculate the International Postage for any item added to the basket.

Time: Orders will be processed the same day in most cases.

Packaging: All products will be very carefully packaged to ensure they get the maximum protection from damage in transit.

  • Items will either be sent in a bubble envelope or a box, depending on which is most suitable for that item
  • The more fragile items like consoles, games in jewel cases that crack easily such as PS1, Mega CD & Dreamcast games, games in boxes that could crush like Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games and rare collectors items (even if they are in boxes already), will be well bubble wrapped and otherwise suitably protected and boxed.
  • Games in hard cases, such as PS2 & Xbox games and robust items like hard back books will be sent in a bubble envelope. 
  • All games that are in disc holders will have some bubble wrap placed over the disc to prevent it coming out of its holder and possibly scratching.
  • Everything is marked fragile to prevent heavy objects being placed on them them.
Quality assurance

Everything has been meticulously inspected and cleaned before listing. As you would expect with used items there will some, albeit minor in most cases, wear and tear, and anything significant will be mentioned in the condition section on the listing and photographed for you to see for yourself if it is acceptable to you. Also, everything is thoroughly tested to ensure it is in good working order.