Product Description


Mint: Is like new with no noticeable blemishes at all.

Near Mint: Is in exceptionally good condition.

Very Good: Is in particularly good condition, no damage, very little to no signs of wear to manual, case or disc, disc will be clear or virtually clear of any visible scratches.

Good to very good: Is almost flawless, some minor wear, may have a tiny crack ,  may have a tiny bit of writing in the manual, any defects are hardly noticeable.

Good: Is showing some signs of wear, there could be some wear to the manual, case or inlay, there could be some minor blemishes in the inlay or manual or digs in the outer casing to the case, there also may be some minor damage to the case but there won't be any thing major, there could also have a fair bit of writing in the manual.

Fair: Is well used, the imperfections could be more substantial but it will generally only be to one aspect like the manual or the case and the rest of the product will be in pretty good condition. Or it could be that it has more signs of wear overall but no damage and is good otherwise.


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