All about us

We are a family run business, which specialises in retro video games and consoles. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and a great customer service.

We are a close family and have been running a business for 14 years now. We started selling video games 3 years ago as a sideline and it developed into a very successful business that we all thoroughly enjoy. Over the time we have learnt a lot about what our customers are looking for, especially the collectors. For example we know how important it is that the manual has not been written in or that the inlays do not have stains or stickers on and that all the original documentation is present where possible. We also know how important it is to protect the product well in transit so it doesn't get damaged, especially things that damage easily like consoles, PS1, Mega CD and Dreamcast games.

We have a strong commitment to provide a good service and much of the knowledge that has helped us achieve this has come through learning from mistakes and not repeating them. But some has come from communication with our buyers, especially the repeat buyers some of whom have become our friends and who now give us wish lists of games they would like us to get for them. Some knowledge we know is still to come and we are keen to keep learning more all the time as we progress on this exciting journey.