Vortex Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) NTSC U/C Game Cartridge Only

  • £10.99

Condition: Very Good. In Very Good condition. Fully tested and working.

This game only works on a NTSC U/C Machine


VORTEX! Morph into a powerful Walker, a sleek Sonic Jet, a speedy Landburner or a defensive Hard Shell. Attack with lasers, rockets, cannons, heat-seeking missiles, and smart bombs. Explore the snowpacked wasteland of Cryston, Voltair, the mysterious world of trapped asteroids; the scorching desert world of Thermis, and the volcanic world of Magmento. Enter vast mechanical caverns, dodge slamming doors, leap over claw traps, closing arches and missile turrets. Fight mechanical crabs, centipedes, kamikaze alien pilots and enormous bosses intent on reducing you to rubble!

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