Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Prima's Official strategy guide book

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Tomb Raider's The Last Revelation is tough as ever, this latest game in the Lara Croft series is enough to send all but the most hardened over the edge (unless they remembered to walk there, rather than run). This simple, step-by-step guide tells you how to get past even the trickiest parts.  Its combination of screen shots and clear, simple instructions is an occasional godsend. The pictures are on the small side, the producers of the book favouring sheer quantity over visibility. Also, the guide has been written with the PlayStation in mind--references to things like the R2 button abound--but the walkthrough works just as well for the Dreamcast and PC versions. There's a comprehensive guide to uncovering the game's secrets--it's at the back of the book, so be careful when you flick through lest you spoil the finale of the game.