The Seed War Zone Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game

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In the distant future, mankind has colonized other solar systems and is now part of an interplanetary alliance, the Galactic Inter-Species Co-operation Alliance. The Alliance was suddenly attacked by a new species, called the Seed. A defense force is created, called ASDF - the Anti-Seed Defense Force, and after 3 years of war, you assume command of the fleets. The Seed: War Zone is a 3D strategy game where you can design your own warships (by selecting weapon systems, engine types, defensive systems and placing them on the deck of a hull of your choosing) and narrated by anime style cutscenes. Combat mostly takes place by giving your ships orders before the battle (combined with the combat roles of the ships which you assigned in the design phase), and then watching in 3rd person mode as your ships fight the battle. You earn money by completing missions and making sure you don't loose to many ships, the money can then be used to purchase hulls, weapons and subsystems to build new ships.

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