Tank Racer Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game

  • £15.99

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It's mad. It's fast. It's dangerous ........
Watch your back when you enter the world's wackiest race where blasting your opponents and bulldozing through buildings feels almost as good as winning! Take on 7 computer controlled tanks in the Cup and Single races. Challenge up to 5 players in head-to-head races or in the deadly battle arenas where you must destroy your rivals before they destroy you.
--Choose from 15 turbo charged tanks including 3 hidden ones, each with its own unique driving abilities.
--22 startlingly different tracks to wreck as a single player or head-to-head in the race and battle arenas.
--Masses of powera
--Wonderfully weird and wacky hidden secrets to discover.
MULTI-PLAYER MODES: Between 2 and 6 players can pit their wits against each other over LAN or the Internet.
--Battle Mode: Fight it out in one of 8 dedicated battle arenas. Forget the racing and shoot away at your opponents, taking care to protect your energy. Once it's depleted, it's game over.
--Racing Mode: Challenge up to 5 players on 14 tracks (6 dedicated race courses plus 8 single player tracks).

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