Super Sports ZX Spectrum RARE Game

  • £19.99

Condition: Very Good. Everything is in Very Good condition. Fully tested and working.


Supersports: The Alternative Olympics is a sports game with five humorous disciplines which are played one after another. At the end the player with the most points wins. The disciplines are:

  • Crack Shot is similar to skeet shooting, just on a back alley with cans as targets. Shooting a cat gives minus points.
  • Dare Devil Dive is reminiscent to a circus attraction: jumping from a high pole (three heights) into a water pub. Points are also rewarded for performing moves during the fall.
  • Slate Smash involves smashing slates with the bare hands.
  • Cross Bow is a regular target shooting discipline. The player needs to set the position of the crossbow and the shooting power while taking the wind direction into account.
  • Under Water Assault Course is an underwater obstacle course. Collecting coins rewards extra points.

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