Superbowl MSX Game

  • £7.99

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Super Bowl XX, in which Chicago trounced New England 46-10, is recreated in this action/strategy hybrid, which also features computer AI for a solo match on the C64 version (Spectrum owners can only practice plays on their own). When kicking, the player controls the kick's strength and accuracy by pressing fire, so the direction isn't under direct control, and punts can only be returned if they are caught on the full.

When selecting the play, a distinction is made between long and short passing plays. You select the recipient when the ball is in play by moving the cursor which appears and pressing fire. If a catch is made, you can take control of any player, which needn't be the player running for the end-zone. Running and Special Teams plays are also on offer of course.

When on the defense, the player has 4 main positional strategies to choose from, and can specify individual markers, and a player to simply track the ball carrier. Any individual player can be controlled once the action begins, and holding down fire allows you to change this player as the play unfolds.

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