Street Surfer (Commodore 64) game

  • £3.49

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Jump on your skateboard and take a ride along an highway! Clear the highway of empty, thrown-away, bottles. Pick them up for recycling. But beware of traffic, the shoulder, freaky chickens crossing the road, and holes on the road. Every time you're involved in an accident your life-energy decreases, but you can fill it up by collecting soft drink bottles thrown away by other drivers. At the end of each stage stands an recycling container, on the down-right side of the screen you get the information how many miles left to it. If you reach the containers you automatically fill it with all the bottles you picked up during the stage. For each of them you get bonus points. For filling up life-energy you receive the information when a car drives by the driver drinking a soft drink. Get close to the car and to approx. the same speed - and your guy drinks automatically from the soft drink. It's a good choice to drive most times in the mid of the highway - you never know when freaky high speed-racers come up to you.

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