Steve-O the Greatest Hits Sony PSP UMD

  • £2.99

Condition: Good to very good condition, UMD has some light usage scratching to the back of the casing, otherwise it is all very good and fully tested.


This Steve-O DVD chronicles the censored and twisted life's work of the man who brought insanity to Jackass. Watch Steve-O and other Jackass alumni perform outrageous stunts and hilarious pranks, join the mad man and his cohorts on a miraculous journey, destroying America and then Europe one City at a time.
This outrageous DVD features all the naughty behaviour that got Steve-O arrested. Plus a whole bunch of other s*** that should have. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... it has. Steve-O's Greatest Hits is loaded with life-threatening stunts that are filthy enough to offend anyone. You have been warned!

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