Star Ixiom Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game

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Star Ixiom is a remake of the classic 1985 game Star Luster. You play the role of a pilot for The United Galaxy Space Force, fighting alien invaders with the help of the strategic mobile battle unit "Team Gaia". Five alien races have launched a collective attack to curb mankind's expansion. You and "Team Gaia" rush to defend the colonies...

Star Ixiom takes elements of other previous Namco space epics, Starblade and Galaxian 3, but places them in a free-form universe, strategically mapped. Gameplay mixes the first person space combat, strategic planning and some aspects of the role playing genre. There are three game modes, TRAINING, COMMAND, and CONQUEST. Training mode is, well, training. In Command mode you go out on separate missions where you systematically fight through one alien race at a time. In Conquest mode you are given a large randomly created map of a solar system that shows the location of your enemies and friendly objects such as planets and laboratories that you must defend.

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