Squirm Commodore 64 Game

  • £8.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. Click Here for more details


You are a Pac Man type creature and you must move about various mazes collecting 250 eggs that the Queen Squirm is laying before her workers collect them. As you move about you also need to look out for a small glow worm which needs collecting because after a short time the lights go out and you can't see the maze but you can see the Squirm's. Touch a Squirm or the Queen and you lose one of three lives. Once you have collected 200 eggs you have a bonus run where you move about the maze leaving a tail and you try to move about before you touch your tail. The maze is viewed from above and the whole maze is on one screen and two players can play taking it in turns when one player dies. A joystick or keyboard can be used to control your character.

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