Silent Steel PC Game

  • £16.99

Condition. Good to Very Good. Everything is mostly in Very Good condition, there is very slight wear to the case nothing major. Fully tested and working.

Please note you need Windows XP this game will not work on anything higher


Silent Steel...a dangerous undersea cinematic adventure of hide and seek. The Enemy is out there, and they're hunting the USS IDAHO.

As captain of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Sub Idaho, you care in command of the most powerful weapons system ever devised. With 24 Trident missiles on board, you carry enough firepower to destroy the entire planet. You're on war footing the moment you submerge - no such thing as a patrol routine here.

With fear and uncertainty undermining the morale of your crew, the orders you issue will seal the fate of your ship as you attempt to unravel the intricate plot threatening the stability of the free world.

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