Ridge Racer 1, Type 4 & Revolution Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

  • £18.99

Condition: Good. Ridge Racer is in Very Good condition throughout, the games and most the manuals are in Very Good condition, there is some cracks to the cases of Revolution and Type 4 and slight writing to the manual of Revolution. Fully tested and working.


Ridge Racer 1

You want to drive fast? Really fast? Nothing provides the adrenaline-charged rush of speed like Ridge Racer. State-of-the-art features, amazing control, neck-snapping acceleration and true-to-road realism make this the only racing game you'll ever need. Ever. And please, always wear a helmet.

Type 4

"R4 has to be the best-looking PlayStation racer ever (yes, edging out even Gran Turismo)" - Official PlayStation Magazine, December 1998


This new version of the classic arcade racer now adds new cars, new tracks and some remixes of the in-game music

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