Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Cartridge Only Nintendo Gameboy Color Game

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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing for Game Boy Color is the handheld adaptation of the 3D console game. It offers a selection of boxers and options of the original game, with simplified controls and 2D graphics.
From the start, the game includes 7 of the cartoony characters seen in the console versions; three further ones can be unlocked. The only two gameplay modes are Arcade (a single match) and Championship (a ladder against all other boxers in the game). All fights are best-of-three.
Fights are seen from a slightly angled perspective of the ring. Controls allow for two different punches via A and B, an uppercut (button + Up) and a gut punch (button + Down). Landing clean hits fills the R-U-M-B-L-E meter, which, when full, allows the boxer to unleash a furious punching assault by pressing A+B. A standard health model with two different bars for strength and stamina is used.
The game includes the licensed voice of Michael Buffer, who introduces the fighters and of course also spouts his trademark phrase that gives the game its name. The game also features FMV introductions for all fighters (taken from the console version)

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