Rabbids Land (NINTENDO Wii U) Game

  • £12.99

Condition: Good to very good. 


Rabbids Land is a party game set in an amusement park and starring the Raving Rabbids. The game offers over twenty attractions/mini-games to play.
One of the rabbids discovers an amusement park but is soon kicked out after failing to meet the minimum height requirement. He tries again dressed in a dragon costume that makes him taller, but is kicked out moments later. Then he tries it on top of the shoulders of a second rabbit dressed in a long coat, fake moustache and hat, but is again kicked out. Having enough of the situation he calls a third rabbid in control of a space ship for help, which eventually leads to access to the park.
The game offers three modes. The Board Game Trophy Race mode for up to four players (only two at one time can play a mini-game) with the first to earn either ten or twenty trophies in the mini-games winning. In the single player Mini-Games Treasure Hunt mode the player has to find three hidden coins in each mini-game to unlock videos in the Extra section. The two player Mini-Games Free Play mode lets you play the mini-games directly.

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