Premier Manager 98 - 2000 Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

  • £15.99

Condition: Good. The games and most the manuals are in Very Good condition, there is cracks to the cases and slight writing to the manual of 98. fully tested and working.



1997/98 English division, team and player information.
Detailed statistics on over 2,700 players, provided by Goal magazine.
Full match and team tactical options formations, playing styles, marking systems.
International transfer market with full scouting network.
European super league, upon domestic success with your team.
Financial and contract negotiation options.
Highlights of every game you manage, with commentary from Barry Davies.


Unlike the data update that is PM98, Ninety Nine (the actual title of the game) uses Dinamics' PC Fútbol 6 engine to go along the obligatory 1998-99 squad updates. Among the new features, it is now possible to make more than one player bid at the same time, more frequent and detailed staff messages, player history to track down previous seasons, a full 3D match engine and a 2D radar view (replacing the old text mode) and finally merchandising and catering, and individual adboard management. The detailed database is still there, and so are the Manager and Pro-Manager modes. Only the English leagues are playable still and Kevin Keegan, Fulham and then soon-to-be England manager, endorsed the title.

The manager modes and options remain the same: Manager allows the player to start in any team, Pro-Manager requires building a career from the Conference, promoting the club from the lower divisions or getting promoted himself to better ranked teams. The difficulty level can be further tweaked by changing areas where the staff takes control, and you can determine if players age and retire with time.

Again, up to 20 players can play in Manager mode and 8 in Pro-Manager.


The fans, the players, the directors expect great things from you - Don't fail them.
- New stylish and user-friendly interface: complete control at your fingertips!
- Exclusive feature: manage teams in England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and conquer domestic and European competitions!
- Total management control: transfer deals including player exchanges, custom tactics, hire and fire scouts & medical staff, take bank loans and overdrafts...
- Unrivalled accuracy: up-to-date squads and transfer valuations, comprehensive training schedules, in-depth sponsorship and stadium improvements sections...
- Advanced AI and match engine: realistic team and staff behaviour on and off the pitch.
- Perfect match highlights: see your strategy work in superb 3D, complemented by the unmistakable commentary of Barry Davies.

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