Nintendo Wii Console with Disney Infinity

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  • Enjoy limitless hours of play at home with this Nintendo Wii Console. This white console has a built-in microphone and a built-in VGA digital camera to bring you an interactive gaming experience. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it is perfect for playing online multiplayer games. Plug this Wii into your TV to enjoy hours of immersive gaming.

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    Nintendo Wii
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    Nintendo Wii
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  • Built-in Microphone
  • Built-in VGA Digital Camera
  • Wi-Fi Capability

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Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is an action-adventure game similar to the Skylanders franchise where physical figurines are used to interact with the game. The main difference in approach is that Infinity focuses more on character creation and experimentation with the different elements. The starter version of the game comes with the infinity base and three figurines (Sulley, Mr. Incredible and Jack Sparrow). The base consists of two spots to place figurines that are then imported into the game as playable characters. It also has a hexagonal spot to place up to three power discs. These add enhancements to the game such as changes in the terrain, background, new vehicles or weapons. Red ability discs are placed underneath a character on the base as perks, with a maximum of two per character and four in total. Orange toy discs add gadgets and vehicles. Purple customization discs alter the environment and sky. For orange and purple discs only a maximum of three at a time is allowed. Discs are sold separately in series, blind packages and through specific promotions and retailers. The same goes for figurines and Play Sets. There are also rare discs with a hologram in the middle.

Characters and environments are based on Disney and Pixar franchises such as Pirates of the CaribbeanThe IncrediblesCarsToy Story etc. The game can be played in a Play Set and a Toy Box mode. Play Sets are campaigns based around a certain franchise with a number of objectives. Each Play Set is a self-contained world and only characters tied to that specific franchise can be used. Play Sets can be played in split-screen with two players working together. During these campaigns objects and vehicles can be unlocked for the Toy Box mode. Almost every character (except those from non-humanoid series such as Cars) share actions such as a number of attacks and double jumps, but each character also has an ability unique to the figurine.

The Toy Box mode removes most restrictions and allows players to create a custom game in an open world environment. Every character, weapon, gadget, vehicle or environment can be mixed. The tools tied to the mode are introduced through a number of in-game tutorials. Multiplayer is also available here and characters can be leveled up and "spins" are earned by going through certain Play Sets.

The Wii version only has multiplayer in the Toy Box, not in the Play Sets (both offline and online). The Wii U version uses the GamePad to access mission logs, packs, and tools in Play Sets, and to access toys in the Toy Box mode. The PC version is free, but does not support physical figurines. These are downloaded as DLC instead.

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