Monster Rancher Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) RARE Game

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MONSTER RANCHER is the ultimate interactive experience. The game disc actually reads a small portion of any CD you put into your PlayStation, and uses that data to generate a monster. Some CDs will yield giant dragons, while others will give you smaller and less threatening beasts. After you create a monster, you then must train it in the ways of the monster pugilist. You control every aspect of the monster's training, from what it eats to what attributes it will be focus on improving. Monsters can be frozen for later use, or even combined with other monsters to form hybrid creatures that possess different abilities. The point of the game is to become the champion monster breeder, and there are rankings that give you an idea as to where you stand. Most of MONSTER RANCHER consists of point-and-click menus, with the exception of the fights themselves. There are two different options for fighting: you can let the computer control your beast or you can take manual control of it yourself.

Monster Rancher is at heart an arena fighting game with a lot of ancillary game play thrown in. As a trainer of a fighting monster you have to train, reward, punish, cajole and bribe your minion to build up its statistics. You then take your monster into the arena where it battles with other monsters for cash prizes, prestige, and better stats. Like the original Monster Rancher, this game allows players to create a monster using an innovative technique: you can stick in any CD you own (PlayStation, audio, PC, or other) and the data that is read off the CD is used to generate the characteristics of the monster.

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