The Adventures of Monkey Hero Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game

  • £8.99

Condition: Good. The game and manual are in Very Good condition, there is a crack to the case. Fully tested and working.

Please note this game does not work on a Playstation 2.


In this game you play a monkey, a brave little monkey, who has been trained by another monkey called Master Sage. When the game begins, three worlds are fighting against each other. The Dream World, The Nightmare World and The Waking World. The Nightmare King has stolen a book, The Magic Story Book, which is keeping the peace in the three worlds. You have to get it back. Make your way through the Waking World while fighting The Nightmare King's minions to get the book back. Travel through libraries, forests and mines. 

Make friends which will help you on your quest. Use your weapons to crush crates; these crates often contain fruits which increases your health. (If you don't have a weapon to crush the crates with, then you have to throw them) You will acquire two weapons throughout the game: A bamboo stick to hit your enemies with and small rockets or spears to shoot down enemies far away from you. Solve many puzzles, defeat bosses and explore a large world.

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