Gekioh Shooting King Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Rare Game

  • £199.99

Condition: Very Good. Everything is in Very Good condition. Fully tested and working.


Gekioh is an enhanced port of Shienryu. This release adds the following game modes:
Pocket Mode: imitates PocketStation graphics, with deliberately primitive visuals consisting of heart-shaped enemies and blocky ships.
Comical Mode: music and sound effects are replaced by laughter and applause (when the player reaches a high score).
Stingy Mode: the player has only one life and no continues; only two levels are playable.
No Mercy Mode: a harder difficulty level.
Slow Mode: darker graphics and sound effects reminiscent of horror themes (e.g. enemy and player-controlled ships scream when destroyed). All sprites on screen move slower, but the amount of bullets fired by enemies is increased.
Ancient Mode: the screen has a yellow tinge and displays "cracks"; music is changed to reflect a "retro" setting.

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