Galaxian 3 Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) RARE Game

  • £44.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. Click Here for more details


Welcome aboard the Starship Dragoon, gunners! From now on, you are no longer 'I', you are 'we'! We will fight together or we will fall together! The Cannon Seed has been discovered and it is aimed directly at Earth. The United Galaxy Space Force and Earth are counting on us!

In Galaxian 3, you, and up to five other players, man the guns on a starship called Dragoon. The piloting is handled elsewhere so all you're concerned with is gun-firing. As enemies approach, you must shoot them down. You are trying to make it through the enemy fighters to reach and destroy the Cannon Seed. Be advised that all players are on the same ship so you all share the same life meter. When that life meter reaches zero, everybody's game is over.

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