Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Official Guide Book

  • £14.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. Mostly in very Good condition, there is a mark to the back nothing major.


This book will guide you through every step of your quest for the precious drops of myrrh. It presents in a clear and progressive way each facet of the game: character management, subtleties of the combat system, running of the equipment....From A to Z, all the secrets of FINAL FANTASY Crystal Chronicles will be unveiled to you!

The complete walkthrough of the Adventure.

Detailed maps offering maximum readability.

The description of the monsters that prowl in dungeons.

Optimal strategies to apply against bosses.

An exhaustive analysis of the gameplay.

Every nuance of the single player and multiplayer modes.

Absolutely all the secrets: mini-games, side-quests

Dozens of useful tips.

An in-depth interpretation of the scenario.

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