Extreme Snow Break Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game

  • £2.99

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Snow Break is a fast paced mountain racing game. Based on your personal preference you can select a character with skis or with a snowboard. 

The courses offer a nice variety of scenery as they include tracks based in the Valley, the Forest, the Cableway and the Castle. The characters can be selected based on attributes for Max Speed, Acceleration and Turn Power.

Jumps and a limited selection of tricks are available as you race down each of the courses.

The normal play mode is a Championship campaign where you race against three computer controlled racers as you try and place high enough to advance through each of the mountain courses.

Two players can take turns racing against the ghost of the other player to try and beat their best time. A single player can also race against the ghost of their own character's best time in the Time race mode.

For practice there is a standard race against the clock Time Trial mode as well.

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