Dynasty Warriors 2 & 3 Sony Palystation 2 (PS2) Game Bundle

  • £9.99

Description: Good. The games are in Very Good condition, there is very slight writing and rip to the manual of Dynasty Warriors 2 and slight writing to the back of the inlay and to Dynasty Warriors 3 there is a small dig to the case and creasing and rips to the manual. Fully tested and working.


Dynasty Warriors 2

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms comes to life in Dynasty Warriors 2. As a general in second-century China, you must lead your troops into epic battles against thousands of warriors. On horseback or on foot, you'll use various weapons and combo attacks to forge a path into enemy lines and scatter all who dare stand in your path. Strategic planning is key to victory, as enemies can attack from all sides and when you least expect it.

Dynasty Warriors 3

The third installment of Dynasty Warriors tests your warrior spirit through vast lands and impossible odds. Dynasty Warriors 3 features battlefield action with over 20 stages and 40 playable warriors. Storm the battlefield with more bone-crushing moves, improved Musou attacks, and squad level commands to your massive elephant troops. In addition to Endurance and Time Attack, Dynasty Warriors 3 also includes brand new two-player Versus and Cooperative modes. Can you become a warrior worth a thousand?

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