Dancing Stage Max Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) RARE Game

  • £22.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. Everything is mostly in Very Good condition, there is a very small rip to the manual. Fully tested and working.


As with other Dance Dance Revolution games, this is meant to be played on a dance mat or platform controller. As the song plays, arrows scroll up the screen in time with the music and you score points by stepping on the corresponding arrow on the mat as they reach the top. "Freeze arrows" have long trails; on these you must step and hold your foot down for the duration of the arrow, using your other foot to make other steps in the meantime. Your score depends on your timing. When you step with good timing, your dance meter rises; when you miss, it falls. If your dance meter drops to empty, you fail.

Dance Master mode presents you with a series of challenges to earn points to unlock songs, courses (where you play a sequence of songs nonstop), special modes, and optional graphic textures.

You can use an EyeToy USB camera to display the player(s) dancing on the screen instead of the normal backgrounds. Hands and Feet mode uses the camera to add hand waving to the gameplay.

Workout mode that tracks your calories burned for players who use DDR in their exercise regimen.

You can play with one or two players, or with other players in online play.

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