Brand New and Sealed Quest for Sleeping Beauty Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game

  • £14.99

Condition: New. Very Small Rip to Shrink Wrap


Quest for Sleeping Beauty is a 3D Pac-Man variant played from a bird's-eye perspective. It is based on the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. Bored of her royal tasks Sleeping Beauty decides to enter a dangerous forest alone. Eventually she gets lost after wandering deep into the forest and takes shelter in an abandoned castle. She is now waiting for a prince to rescue her.

The player takes control of a young boy or girl and has to collect all the pellets on a map to advance. Spiders and other enemies are harassing the player and when caught by a spider, a live is lost. Across the map potions can be found to fend off the enemies. These come in several colours: Red ones will scare the enemies away, blue ones will freeze the enemies (run over it to kill it) and green ones will make you invisible.

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