Brand New and Sealed England International Football 2004 Edition Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game

  • £9.99

Condition: New


This is the only official game of the England soccer team and developed by the makers of the Club Football series, Kuju Entertaiment. England International Football allows the players to play for England as their official team. Simple enough, your goal in this game is to lead the England team squad to the international victory. As the official England football game, it features all the 25 members of the England's team including their Swedish coach. All of them are 3D modeled from their real life counterparts, resulting in some uncannily accurate virtual likenesses. The game uses an improved version of the Club Football 2005 game engine. There are some minor improvements in the gameplay such as shooting and improved AI. In the game's menu you will find an European Championship mode where you can battle against twenty of Europe's top national teams. If this is not enough for you, there are extra 12 teams including Brazil, Argentina and Cameroon in another different mode called the World Cup--emulating International Cup mode.

In addition there is a Create-A-Player system where you get a chance to get involved in the on-pitch action. The game's reward system includes England Trophy Room which is a collection of unlockable rewards such as player profiles, photographs from over the years and even video clips - including England's infamous 5-1 triumph over Germany that can be unlocked if you preform well. Other features include crowd voices recorded from real life matches and commentary from Gary Lineker and Barry Davies. The game includes seven game modes, namely: European Championship, International League, International Cup, Exhibition, Quick Start, Custom Cup and Custom League.

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