Bob the Builder & Bob the Builder Festival of Fun with Boxed Eye Toy Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game Bundle

  • £19.99

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Bob the Builder with Eye Toy

  • Includes Eye Toy USB Camera!
  • Easy to play for boys and girls from the age of three unsupervised and even younger when supervised by a parent.
  • Help Bob and his chums tackle 10 fun EyeToy challenges!
  • All the gang's here, including Wendy, Dizzy, Spud and Pilchard!
  • Play solo or challenge your friends to a building competition!


Bob the Builder Festival of Fun

*Build with up to three friends in the exciting multiplayer mode with fun tasks and game play that's intuitive and frustration free for young players!
*Tackle 10 exciting activities with Bob and all your favourite characters including Dizzy, Spud, Pilchard and Mr Sabatini from the pizza shop!
*Blow the leaves off the screen using the NDS microphone.
*Use the full NDS touch screen technology to control the game play.

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