God of War III Strategy Guide

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Condition: Good to Very Good. Very Slight wear nothing major.


 Complete Walkthrough - Dominate Every Boss, Uncover Every Secret, Solve Every Puzzle! - Exquisitely Illustrated Maps - Reveal Concealed Chests, Hidden Secrets, and More! - Puzzle Options - We Offer Three Options for Each Puzzle: Minor Hints, Major Hints, and Step-By-Step Solutions! Use This Guide Your Way! - Exhaustive Weapon and Magic Data - Comprehensive Damage and Magic Cost Coverage! Item-Specific Strategies! - Godly Hoard- Collect All the Artifacts from the Olympian Gods Themselves! - And Much More! - Challenges of Olympus - Lore on the Immortals and their World - Extensive Bestiary - History of the Series - Alternate Costumes - All Trophies

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