Boxed Intellivision Console with Sea Battle

  • £249.99

Condition: Good. The Console and Game are in Very Good condition, there is wear to the console and game boxes. Fully tested and working. 



General Instrument CP1610 16-bit microprocessor CPU running at 894.886 kHz (i.e., slightly less than 1 MHz)

1456 bytes of RAM:

  • 240 × 8-bit Scratchpad Memory
  • 352 × 16-bit (704 bytes) System Memory
  • 512 × 8-bit Graphics RAM

7168 bytes of ROM:

  • 4096 × 10-bit (5120 bytes) Executive ROM
  • 2048 × 8-bit Graphics ROM

160 pixels wide by 196 pixels high (5×2 TV pixels make one Intellivision pixel)

16 color palette, all of which can be on the screen at once

8 sprites. Hardware supports the following features per-sprite:

  • Size selection: 8×8 or 8×16
  • Stretching: Horizontal (1×, 2×) and vertical (1×, 2×, 4× or 8×)
  • Mirroring: Horizontal and vertical
  • Collision detection: Sprite to sprite, sprite to background, and sprite to screen border
  • Priority: Selects whether sprite appears in front of or behind background.

Sea Battle

Battle action on the high seas. Deploy fleets of ships. Lay mines. Use diversion tactics. It's your strategy and skill on the line. Engage in sea combat and battle it out. Go full ahead to capture opponent's home base - Victory!

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