Xenocracy Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game

  • £7.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. 


The year is 10,600 of the Common Era and mankind has colonised space. As WingToucher, commander of the United Planet Nations elite peacekeeping force, your mission is to fight against all aggression. You will not only have to attack convoys and defend mines, but also protect humans against a huge alien threat.
- Over 50 ships
- A choice of 36 weapons and 5 Wingmen and Weapons Systems Officers.
- Wide range of enemies from humans, pirates to organic aliens.
- Deep space and ground missions set over 60 different moons.
- 2 modes of play: Arcade and Simulation.
- Research and development resources.
- Video briefing from the Planetary Ambassadors.

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