Unit 13 (Sony PSVITA) Game

  • £14.99

Condition: Very good throughout. PS Vita games do not come with manuals most have manuals within the game.


Designed specifically for PlayStation Vita, Unit 13 gives players access to an elite squad of operatives as they confront a series of deadly terrorist organizations. Set in the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia, Unit 13 features an arcade-like scoring system that encourages bite-sized play sessions across 45 unique missions. Players are scored on how well they perform during each scenario: from the various ways they can take out opponents to their mission completion time to their ability to maintain stealth.
Unit 13 also allows players to select one of six different operatives that best fits their play style -- from the shotgun-wielding pointman, Zeus, to the expert U.S. Marine Scout Sniper, Alabama. Completing solo missions with each character earns experience, gains access to additional guns and explosives, and unlocks weapon upgrades and skills. Other features include personalized leaderboards, an in-game event feed, special "High Value Target" missions, ever-changing "Daily Challenges," and two-person co-op over WiFi.

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