Ultimate Singstar Bundle Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Game & Accessory

  • £29.99

Condition: Good. The games, Camera & Microphones are in Very Good condition, there is some wear to the box nothing major. Fully tested and working.



  • High performance sets of microphones: Accurately reproduces the sound of your voice Light enough to not be a burden
  • Easy to use, Plug and Play, No drivers is needed Set of 2 Wired microphone for use with PS4, PS3, PS2 and also PCs,laptops, etc
  • Compatible with all SingStar singing/ karaoke games., USB adaptor included Also compatible with your computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet for daily use


  • Adjustable zoom lens (56-degrees to 75-degrees field of view) for extra versatility
  • Sound quality is crystal clear with the built-in 4 microphone array.
  • Multidirectional microphone for superior voice location tracking
  • Faster frame rate for improved video quality. Background noise reduction for smoother speed recognition

Singstar Vol 1

SingStar PS3 takes the successful interactive singing experience established with the multi-million selling global PlayStation2 franchise to the next level with personalization and community taking center stage. SingStar PS3 allows you access to a catalog of hundreds of downloadable songs featuring the real artists and videos, via the PS3 online SingStore. Become a global star as you share your SingStar experiences with friends and the online SingStar community via captured video, audio and photos.

Singstar Vol 2

SingStar Vol. 2 features a harmony duet mode: a new way of playing that allows two players to sing different lines to a song at the same time, showing off their harmonising skills. This is your chance to showcase your talent and adds a new dimension to the SingStar experience. Special tracks have been included to showcase this new mode such as Kool and the Gang: Celebration, the Paul McCartney & the Frog Chorus: We all Stand Together and The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'. SingStar Vol. 2 also includes Remote Play functionalities with PSP. Using PSP and a wireless Internet connection, players can access various areas of the game such as: SingStore: browse, select and download new songs, from SingStore remotely. This is your chance to get your favourite party tracklist ready before you're heading back home. My SingStar Online: browse and participate in all areas, rate media, leave comments, take part in polls, etc.). You can now continue to be part of the SingStar community on the go: share and show off your performances to your friends and family!

Singstar Vol 3

SingStar Vol.3 is the third game of the series to be released on the PS3. It's a karaoke game that gives points which are distributed by the purity of singing, as in how well does one manage to stay on tune. It doesn't matter if you change octaves in the middle of the song or what words are you singing in (it doesn't have a word recognition), so your singing is rated by how well you manage to hit the correct note at the correct time.

The game is also containing a SingStore access, where you can download your favorite songs, new wallpapers or videos from the others players.

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