The Great Escape ZX Spectrum RARE Game

  • £34.99

Condition: Good to Very Good. Everything is mostly in Very good condition, there is a couple small cracks to the back of the case hardly noticeable. fully tested and working.


The Year: 1942
The Place: Heldentod P.O.W. Camp
The Mission: Escape.
Captured, but not defeated, you are being held in the notorious Heldentod camp. This small, converted castle in the middle of nowhere will be your home for the rest of the war--unless you can escape to rejoin the Allied Armies. Planning, patience, skill, and courage will be necessary as you gather your resources, make your plans, and finally, make your great escape.
- Dynamic scrolling 3D graphics
- Multiple escape paths with multiple solutions
- Guards, the Commandant, and fellow prisoners to hinder and help your plans
- Action, danger, excitement, logic and cunning combined in an unforgettable experience

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