(Sony PlayStation 2) PS2 Slim Pink Console complete set up plus Sonic Heroes bundle

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Slim PS2


At the very heart of PlayStation 2 lies a CPU, or Central Processing Unit, that works overtime to commandevery aspect of the machine. Backed up by the main memory and Graphics Synthesizer, this lets PlayStation 2push around a phenomenal amount of polygons around your TV screen (which together make up on-screengraphics).
CPU 128 bit custom multi-media Emotion Engine chip
System Clock Frequency:
 Cache Memory:
 Instruction 16KB, Data 8KB + 16KB (ScrP)
 Main Memory:
Memory Bus Bandwidth:
128bit DMA
2 Parallel Vector Operation Units
Floating Point Performance:
3D CG Geometric Transformation: 66 Million Polygons per secondCompressed Image Decoder:
Whoever said games were all about graphics - well, they were obviously looking at PlayStation 2's graphicperformance. With the dedicated Graphics Synthesizer chip aboard, graphics just scream along, and valuableCPU processing power isn't diverted to make Lara strut her funky stuff.
Graphics Synthesizer 
System Clock Frequency:
On chip Memory:
Frame buffer Bandwidth:
Pixel write speed:
Sonic Heroes
Sonic & the gang, are back in the latest game, SONIC HEROES. Coming out on the Gamecube & for the first time on Playstation 2, Xbox And PC! Sonic Heroes has a twist to the gameplay, you choose a team of 3 characters. With different strengths. There are 4 teams: TEAM SONIC ~ Sonic, Tails & Knuckles TEAM DARK ~ Shadow, Rouge & E-123 Omega TEAM CHAOTIX ~ Espio, Vector, & Charmy Bee TEAM ROSE ~ Amy, Big, & Cream with her Chao sidekick Cheese. There are 4 modes, Story mode, Challenge mode, the Tutorial modes & the new & improved battle mode for multiplayer fun, and there are plenty of secrets to unlock.

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