Shonen Jump (Shaman King Volume 6) Graphic Novel Book

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Road Trip to Izumo

As his second Shaman Fight comes to an end, Yoh uses a last-ditch strategy and his last mana-against Faust's army of skeletons! Recovering from his wounds in the hospital, mana becomes separated from Yoh and makes a fateful decision to travel to Yoh's faraway home in Izumo, motorcycle...with "Wooden Sword" Ryu for company! As manta and Ryu travel across Japan, Yoh undergoes his own journey, descending into a pitch-black cave in search of shamanic inspiration. But before the two easy riders can reach their destination, they'll have to face the terrifying guardians of Izumo, the "land of the gods"!

Story and Art by Hiroyuki Takei

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