Nintendo 64 (N64) Console with Fifa 99, GT 64, Fifa 64 & Nagano Winter Olympics 98

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  • The Nintendo 64 is the world's most advanced video game system.
  • Providing unsurpassed 64-bit graphics and CD-quality sound at a blistering 93.75 MHZ.
  • With real-time rendering and awesome anti-aliased graphics.
  • Attain new levels of accuracy and play-control with the ergonomically designed Controller, featuring 14 buttons and an analogue Control Stick.
  • Plug & Play
  • Stereo AV cables are included for the highest-quality picture and stereo sound.
  • Nintendo Power Source' s Consumer Service area has all the details on how to hook up your Nintendo 64 system.

Fifa 99

This was the third FIFA title in a little over a year. It incorporates 42 national sides, as well as 250 club teams from 12 different leagues, to play a complete true-to-life season, the preset Super League, or a league or cup of your own design. Formations and tactics can be set, and players can be moved between teams. 

Gameplay can be viewed from multiple angles. Players have more animation than ever before, with new moves including sliding challenges and close-control trapping. Goalkeepers now have a level of human control.

GT 64

GT 64, short for Grand Tour 64, is a 3D racing game for the Nintendo 64. It features cars and drivers from the All-Japan GT Championship season of 1997 as it is an officially licensed game.

There are three stages with each a long and a short version counting six tracks in total situated in Japan, the USA and Europe, all located in urban settings. You can opt to race three, six, twelve or 24 laps on each track. There are fourteen cars available to race in and they can be manually tweaked to improve performance.

The Japanese re-release of the game includes two new tracks based on the 1998 season.

Fifa 64

The FIFA series introduces itself to the Nintendo 64, with all the football/soccer action one can expect from an EA Sports title. Choose your team, whether it be Manchester Utd or Real Madrid, or even a lowly ranked team, and take them through the ranks of the professional sport right up to the crowned kings of their tournament. You can stick with the local leagues (five in all) or take your team onto the International circuit and compete against every team available.

FIFA Soccer 64 can be played by up to 4 players at a time.


The official game of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games held in Nagano, Japan, including 12 events such as Downhill, Giant Slalom, K-90 and K-120 Ski Jumping, Freestyle Aerials, Snowboard Halfpipe (only in the N64 version) and Slalom (in their Olympic debut), 500m and 1500m Speed Skating, Bobsleigh, Luge and Curling. Up to four players can choose one of 16 nations and compete in Olympic (play for the medals) or Championship mode (for the points, in a Decathlon-style competition). 

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