Moorhuhn DS Nintendo DS Game Cartridge Only

  • £5.99

Condition: Very Good. In Very Good condition. Fully tested and working.


Revive the classic shooting game with your Nintendo DS and use your Stylus as your gun to hunt the chickens that you see in the screen or complete the puzzles and reach the highest score under a time limit. The game features different game modes:

Classic mode: Hunt as many chickens as you can in a single stage to reach the highest score under a time limit. It's essentially the classic chicken shoot.

Weight mode: In weight mode chickens approach by air. Move side to side and fire your hefty cannon to the right chicken depending of the color of your weight (your bullet). Three weights of the same color to the same chicken and you've done your main objective.

Gems mode: Here you cannot move side to side. You must shoot the chickens to make them release a gem where three metallic containers reside. Line up the gems to get extra points just like the classic Columns game.

Hotwire mode: A kind of racing game in which you control your car with your stylus. Your job is to drag your car left or right to avoid hitting the side of the track. Every time that you finish the track the speed is increased.

Spot the difference mode: Use Nintendo DS dual screen you'll have to find the differences between two images. The right picture is in the upper screen and you'll have to tap the differences in the touch screen with your stylus.

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