Glass Rose Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) RARE Game

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Cast in the role of Takashi Kagetani, a reporter for the Tonichi Times, you get interested in a case offered by Emi Katagiri. Reading Takashi's article entitled "unsolved serial killer cases", she notices a familiar killer case she recognized from her grandfather's notebook. She asks Takashi for help and the two of them get involved in the case of the "Cinema Mansion Serial Murder" that happened over seventy years ago.

One day, the two of them together enter the old mansion in search of some clues and get pulled back in time, Emi spiritually lost with a broken heart and Takashi cast in a role of the first victim's prodigal son, Kazuya Nanase.

Thus the plot starts to unveil as you race against time while trying to figure out who is the mysterious killer, how are the victims selected, and why did you never find out anything on this mysterious Kazuya Nanase character that apparently was a witness to all the killings.

The story stretches across three-day time and is entirely fitted inside the Yoshinodou's mansion. The will of master Yoshinodou stated that all his children be called to the mansion and spend three days together before reading it. The three days that may prove fatal for whoever is in the mansion at the time. But due to awaiting the final hour, you will uncover lots of hidden secrets of this mansion, its history, and the background story of its inhabitants.

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