Dance UK XL Lite Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Game

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Dance: UK XL Lite is very similar in content to it's forerunner Dance:UK in that it takes the standard 'bemani' formula - arrows appear rhythmically on screen and the player must hit the corresponding button (on either a dance mat peripheral or the standard PS/PS2 controller) in time with these arrows and the music. Points are awarded for accuracy with extras for making certain 'combos' (mini-routines within a song which are deemed especially difficult or long).

This game has twelve songs all by original artists DJ Casper, Blue, Sugarbabes, Westlife, Lemar, Big Brovas, Javine, Boogie Pimps, Blazin' Squad, Holly Vallance, Atomic Kitten, and the Spice Girls

There are four difficulty levels, beginner, easy, medium and expert, and the player can either practise one song at a time (in Jukebox mode) dance in Tournament or party modes.
Tournament mode requires two dance mats/controllers to be connected so that up to 8 players can compete in succession or 2 players can compete head-to-head.
Party mode requires a single dance mat/controller because the player(s) compete one at a time. During the party mode the player(s) will encounter 'Forfeit Balls', if these are not caught by the player then 'forfeit mode' begins and for a while the dance arrows will either twist at the last minute or come from another direction.

This game also has a 'Dance Recorder' mode in which players can record their own dance routines, and a karaoke mode so that player(s) can sing along to the on-screen lyrics.

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