Classic Word Games & Wordmaster Nintendo DS Game Bundle

  • £6.99

Condition: Very Good throughout and fully tested.

Word Games

A blast from the past Classic Word Games is a smart, fun and modern take on word games!

Enjoy playing Mumble anywhere with this portable version for iPhone and iPad!


Play Mumble, a game where players find the longest possible words containing 1 to 4 letters within 2 minutes

Its fun, its smart, and it never ends

Engage and challenge a 300 000 players community

Connect to Facebooks leaderboard and compete with your friends

A new competition starts every Tuesday

Increase your scores with boost play and impress your friends by becoming the champion


You've never played a vocabulary and strategy game as challenging and unique as Wordmaster! Based on the classic style of the "Mastermind" board game. Wordmaster uses your vocabulary and spelling skills to deduce hidden 6-letter words.

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