Bully Scholarship Edition Signature Series guide book (Xbox 360 & Wii) Accessory

  • £19.99

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Play award-winning 'Bully: Scholarship Edition' on your Xbox 360 or Wii and win. "Bully: Scholarship Edition Signature Series Guide" features a step-by-step walkthrough which will lead you through all chapters in the main story and several side activities. From Art class to Chemistry, ace every course at Bullworth Academy to unlock cool bonuses. Fight like a champ and master all of the combos from gym class to boxing bouts and beat any bully. Find rubber bands, gnomes and transistors hidden around the town of Bullworth as the location of each one is revealed. Achieve 100 per cent completion following an appendix of required tasks, an unlockable list and all the stats that matter. Plus there's arcade games, clothing lists, Bullworth Academy basics and a giant two-sided poster detailing all 50 errands that must be accomplished! It covers Xbox 360 and Wii.

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