Army Men 3D & Land, Sea, Air Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) Game Bundle

  • £6.99

Condition: Good. The games and manuals are in Very Good condition, there are cracks to the cases, one of the hinges is broken on 3D and there is slight staining to the inlay of Land, Sea, air. Fully tested and working. 



Prepare for combat in an all new 3D world where green and tan plastic soldiers have come to life. You are Sarge, the Green Army sergeant, who's a shoot first, ask questions later kind of soldier. Whether you're dodging bazooka shots, melting attacking infantry with your flamethrower, or sneaking behind enemy lines on special missions, you must do whatever it takes to bring down the evil Tan Army.

Land, Sea, Air

The enemy Tan army is once again mobilizing all over the world and is preparing for an all out invasion of the Green territories from all fronts. You Green squad has been dispatched to various parts of the world to squelch the Tan's plans. You have all the Green forces at your disposal, whether it be on land, sea or air!

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