Street Riders Sony PSP Game

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Street Riders is a reworked port of 187 Ride or Die, an urban street racing game. In a quest to gain money and respect, you race while shooting opponents at the same time. The story revolves around the character Buck, who ends up in a gang war. There are 14 games modes with 66 missions in total. Some examples:

  • Whip Race: A regular race for the finish line. Your car cannot be destroyed completely.
  • DeathRace: Each round, the last one is dropped and your car can be wrecked.
  • DeathMatch: Fight three other cars in an arena.
  • Gang Fight: Team deathmatch in an arena.
  • Survivor: Stay alive as long as possible.
  • Domination: Similar to the survivor mode, but with different levels in a parking lot.
  • MineField: All weapons have been replaced by mines, so it becomes important to take the lead early.
  • Time Ride: Time trial.
  • Chase: Race while being tailed by the police.
  • Escort: Guard a vehicle with precious cargo and ensure that it stays at a minimum speed and is not damaged by opponents.

There is multiplayer support for up to 8 players, with 45 missions, and 7 modes. Next to the regular modes, you can also play cooperatively with a single car -- one driver and one gunner.

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