Metagalactic Llamas ZX Spectrum RARE Game

  • £49.99

Condition: Very Good. Everything is in Very Good condition. Fully tested and working.


The Metallamas and Zzyaxians are at war with each other with the Zzyaxians attempting to overtake the Metallama's galaxy. The Zzyaxians have set their sights on taking over a small outpost called OP/37 on the rim of the galaxy to launch their attack. Problem is there are just three Metallamas and with no help nearby it is up to them to thwart the attack taking it in turns to defend the outpost. The Zzyaxians have sent Cyborg Arachnid Mutants who will use their threads to slide down into the outpost and destroy the Llamas.

You play as the Llama who can fire a bolt at a 45 degree angle upwards. You must try to hit each Mutant directly, if you hit their thread then they will drop down to the floor, turn into a Weeviloid and scurry towards the Llama. If you don't hit a Mutant or it's thread then they will drop to the floor at a certain point and once again scurry towards you as a Weeviloid. Each bolt fired can bounce of the ceiling and walls though so if you fail to hit the Mutant sliding down you can still kill the Weeviloid. One touch from a Weeviloid though and you lose one of your three Llama's. There are 32 levels to complete and you must kill 18 Mutants/Weeviloids a level to move on to the next.

Metagalactic Llamas: Battle at the Edge of Time is played on one screen with a side view. The game is a 1 or 2 player game where each player takes it in turn after a life is lost. You have the option to start on any level but the higher the level the more Mutants that slide down. As well as the main playing area you can see your score, lives and quota. You use a joystick to play.

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