Humphrey MSX Game

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Humphrey is a spry chap who needs to change the color of all the blocks. What should be a simple task is made difficult by atomic bombs that drop from block to block so get hopping Humphrey.

Humphrey is a Q*Bert variant. Like in Q*Bert, Humphrey hops from block to block, changing the color of any block he lands on. When all the block's colors are changed, he moves to the next level. Making life difficult are atomic bombs that start at the top and bounce down the board. When they drop off the bottom, they reappear at the top. If Humphrey hits or is hit by an atomic bomb, he loses a life and the current level resets to the beginning. When all lives are gone, the game is over. Unlike Q*Bert, enemies only move down, not up. As the game progresses, there will be more bombs and they will have more bounces.


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