Boxed Slim Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Console SCPH 79003

  • £49.99

Condition: Good, the console is in excellent working condition with only minor signs of wear, the controller is mostly in very good condition but does have some scratching on the underside and a tiny tear to the the outer casing of the lead but none of this affects its performance. The box is mostly in pretty good condition, one flap has torn off and is held in place by sellotape and it has no inserts. 


  • Home console developed by Sony and released in Europe in November 2000
  • The best-selling console of all-time with over 155 million units sold worldwide
  • Featured such top titles as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Resident Evil 4
  • The 'slim' version was a redesigned version of the console released in 2004
  • Featured online multiplayer, CD and DVD playback, and a range of accessories

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